“I was very happy with your online service, I found your website easy to follow and with everything there and will certainly be using it a lot more in the future. Your customer care lady was very helpful on the phone whilst I was trying to locate your lorry. I was impressed with how quickly you made the delivery as well.”

… Jessica Jensen, Kampi ya Moto. April 2020.


“Its cheaper than normal shopping. No money is lost, no disadvantage. If an Item is missing, I get a guaranteed refund”

… Milkah Gathoini. Manyaani, Nakuru. December 2019.


“This idea of online shopping has made my shopping very convenient. No shopping traffic, goods at a cheaper price and [best] of all free delivery! Bravo Gilanis!”

… Stanslus Munyao, Pipeline – Barnabas, Nakuru. January 2020.